Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Kuah, Langkawi Sunset
Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tanjung Rhu Resort: A barrier to a beautiful beach

Well, this is not a hotel review.

There is a wonderful beach in Langkawi called Tanjung Rhu. Where me and my wife spent really good time in 2007. Sand is lovely and during low tide you can walk 100 meters into the sea. It is also the start of mangrove river. And it's a public beach. And there is a hotel called Tanjung Rhu Resort there.Seems like a nice hotel from what I see. But;

A few weeks ago, one weekend me and my friend wanted to go there to spend some time, swim, relax. It was around 3 pm. When we arrived at the road leading to the beach there was a security checkpoint of Tanjung Rhu Resort. Somehow this beach became a private property. And here is our conversation with security;

We are going to the beach
Sorry sir, you cannot, it's too crowded, come 30 minutes later (beach is really big by the way)
What ? it's a public beach ?
No sir it's private property, you see the sign ?
No way, it was a public beach and still should be (By the way, we are both foreigners. Meanwhile local people's cars are passing by without interruption, even a taxi with people passed by). Why they can go and we cannot ?
Because they are locals.
We are going in, it's a public beach and you are letting only locals in.
(this is where he started shouting)

Than we turned back, like other foreigners on bikes and cars. This lovely luxury Tanjung Rhu Resort has killed my spirits. I've spent the best time of my life there with my wife and now I cannot get in. Frak you anyways.

Here is a photo shot by my wife at sunset on Tanjung Rhu Beach taken 5 years ago.


4everasia said...
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4everasia said...

Just came aross your blog and shocked to hear this. We live in Kuah too and I have to go up sometime again to see what is going on. Check out my blog if you like: www.4everasia.com

nobodyknowsitbutme said...

I also live in Kuah and goes frequently to Tanjung Rhu Beach. I first came across with the security last February and until now (last visit was Thursday) the beach is still closed. We can only go to the beach area before the Four Seasons Hotel :-(

We were told last week that securities were no longer there so we tried our luck and had an argument with the guards too. Me and my bf are both foreigners just like you.

I wish this beautiful beach will be available to EVERYONE again. sigh.

Darius Cartmell said...

I'm sorry about what happened back there. The security officer shouldn't have gone that far; that was rude of him. Beach hotel security officers are trained to be strict, but not to the extent of shouting at guests. I suggest you research first about the beach before you visit it, since a lot of things could have changed in the last five years, Deniz.

Darius Cartmell

Donna said...

So they prioritize the locals. I think the resort's management must think of a greater way wherein everyone can enjoy the place. It’s sad to hear that you weren't able to go on that beach, especially that it’s what you wanted to see the most.

Donna Parsley

nobodyknowsitbutme said...

it is still closed to public (or should i say foreigners) after 530pm. people can go during day time but are asked to leave before sunset. few months back, we got info that a new management has purchased part of the land and they will build new resort there.