Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Kuah, Langkawi Sunset
Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Friday, November 10, 2006

my italian food in cenang beach

there are a couple of places in langkawi which has very good italian food. i'm lucky that my friend tolga became friends with the owner of l'osteria; lorenzo. he is italian, came to langkawi some time ago as a chef, than opened his own place which is very classy and has the best italian food in town. his pizzas (pizza l'osteria and pizza diavola especially) are wonderful. since i like to try different stuff i've asked for something carpaccio beef. i guess it was a salad, but with raw meat. so if you don't like raw meet don't order anything "carpaccio". also he has a very good selection of wines and liqueurs. i don't have a photo of the place but i'll shoot one when i have the chance and put it here.

another place is t-jay's (jezebel's) restaurant. they also have a good choice of pizzas , pastas and some italian dishes. their beef pepperoni pizza is also good but not as good as lorenzo's.

for fettucine and cream sauce lovers like me; you can ask for it specially at l'osteria because they don't have that kind of pasta in the menu. generally menus here are quite simple, not like the ones back in turkey. but don't be mistaken, food quality is very good.

by the way both these places are in cenang beach.

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