Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Kuah, Langkawi Sunset
Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Friday, November 10, 2006

my journey to langkawi

i forgot to tell about my journey here. i took the bus from ankara to istanbul which was from kamilkoc and was quite comfortable. than i stayed in my friend mighty babafingorn's, oops i mean lord aragorn's house. than last night i stayed with my brother in kemerburgaz. we had some very good time in maria's garden in istanbul. wonderful place with wonderful food. their food service is slow but it's worth the wait beause, when you ask for a soup they make it from the beginning, they don't keep it ready. same goes for the salads and greens coming with the main orders. they just keep them whole than when you order a salad they just slice and dice and bring it to you. the taste was wonderful.


i took the flight from istanbul to kuala lumpur by gulfair (airbus a320). first we landed on bahrain and it was such a beautiful view to see bahrain during the night. we waited in bahrain international airport for 3.5 hours. when you are there and intend to use a prepaid internet card, check the connection first. because i've bought the card, scratched it, than their connection went down. i've tried to connect from different places but connection always failed. than i had to explain them why they have to pay me my $10 back (yes, 3 hours internet is $10 in the airport).

after 3.5 hours we flew to muscat (airbus a340) and stayed there for another hour. than our long journey has began through kuala lumpur international airport. it was quite comfortable actually, i had a very good travelmate from germany , iols (hey iols!) also the middle seats were quite empty, so i got a couple of pillows and a blanket and slept till our arrival to klia. these flights didn't have personal tv s like the one i took via malaysia airlines. so you have watch the movie lake house. it helps you sleep you know.

after arrival in klia, i took a mercedes taxi to lcct (low cost carrier terminal) to take my flight to langkawi international airport with air asia. i've paid 60 rm (~$16) for this trip, but it was very comfortable and the taxi driver was really helpful. guess what happened; flight was delayed for 45 minutes.

than i've arrived in langkawi. flight was really nice, we flew over penang and i saw my old apartment. upon arrival i took a cab to cenang beach which cost me 16 rm (~$4,5). taxi driver was babbling about me wasting his time so i had to shut him off till my friend came to show us the way to his home.

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JokeR said...

I tought that was good trip(but expensive).We are waiting for you ;)