Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Kuah, Langkawi Sunset
Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Monday, January 16, 2012

a lot of changes and reviews about some restaurants

After 5 years things have changed in Langkawi. Actually it's a more "alive" island now. When I left, even in high season, it was kinda couples getaway but now it's attracting more and more people. number 1 tourist area Pantai Cenang has grown significantly. This growth brought a lot of new restaurants, cafes and shops. I've tried some of them and I would like to share my thoughts.

Pantai Cenang Restaurants

Yellow Cafe
Well it's a cafe in a yellow theme because of the owner's nickname. He is my friend from my previous stay in Langkawi, a quite decent and fun guy. Back in 2007 it was just a tent renting jet-ski. Now there is a beautiful Yellow Cafe and just beside it Yellow Steak House. At my first night in Pantai Cenang we went to steak house for taste of good beef. I had rumsteak and my friend had a tenderloin. Service and food was very good. After dining, you can just relax in Yellow Cafe to have a few drinks and enjoy the night. There are nice events on special occasions like new year's eve. And people say they are usually very good.

Viva Italia
It's good to do one good and one bad review at a time. It was kinda late when we arrived here. This restaurants shares its kitchen with the Mexican restaurant next door. I first went to the kitchen as it was close to me asked if they are open, they said no. When I returned to my friends, guy on the door said they are open. So we went in. We ordered nachos, penne arabiatta, Italian salad and a margarita pizza. Penne was okay, came in a clay pot, but too much olives in it. But the rest was horrible; Italian salad didn't have any ingredients were listed in the menu, just some greens and onions, we couldn't see any mozzarella cheese on the pizza so when my friend asked the waiter where the cheese is, he said it's Italian style, not American. Nachos were also stale. We argued with the people a lot and in the end I was the only one had dinner. When they brought the check, there was also an error on it too, 3 drinking waters instead of 2. So we paid 47 rm (~$16) for almost nothing and a bad experience. Looked like a tourist-attraction-for-nothing to me.

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