Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Kuah, Langkawi Sunset
Kuah, Langkawi Sunset

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two restaurants from kuah

I would like to share my thoughts on one good one bad restaurant from Kuah. Kuah is the town in Langkawi Island. It's been developed since 2006, last time I was here. Now there are hell a lot more foot reflexology places, a cinema and more restaurants.

Good Restaurant Review from Kuah; Wonderland

Wonderland is a local cuisine restaurant in Trimula of Kuah. It's easy to access, just on the road, other side of the small channel behind Bella Vista hotel. It's not hard to understand the quality when you come around 19.00, no place to sit! My friend took me here around 18.00 so it was less crowded and we could easily try some of the dishes. I had a black pepper chicken and veggie fried rice. My friend had squid salad, baby kailan and chicken fried rice. Well to be honest, I'm really sorry that I haven't discovered this place back in 2006. Food was really delicious. Prices are cheap, portions are large, so what do you want more from a restaurant right ? Also we had 4 apple juices in total. What we paid was 47 RM (~16 USD). I strongly recommend Wonderland Restaurant. When you take a taxi just ask them to take you there, everybody knows the place. If you are staying in one of Bella Vista, Bayview or Beach View hotels in Kuah, it's just walking distance.

Bad Restaurant Review from Kuah; Art Cafe

Art Cafe is inside Langkawi Fair shopping mall. When you get in from main entrance, you can see it on your left easily. It's quite decent place, lovely look and there are always paintings inside, like a gallery. But the food really sucks. I remember from the last time I was here, it was no good back than either. I remembered after I had a cold lasagne. They are precooked and frozen as far as I understand. Than they heat them in microwave. It wasn't heated enough and inside was cold. Also the minced beef is almost tasteless. Also the lasagne was in no shape to look like a lasagne, it was kinda in pieces. I was really hungry, so had this and just left. If you are desperate, you can try here, but it doesn't worth what you pay. A few steps ahead there is McDonalds, even that is better.


Los Mundos de Marta said...


Thank you for sharing your reviews and welcome back to Malaysia. We are a couple thinking of going to live in Langkawi next October. We would like a Malay house. Do you know any way we could start looking for houses in internet? I read about the condos but not sure about it...How is it there? If you have a contact where I could write you directly it would be great.

Regards from the Canary Islands,


deniz kumral said...

Hi Marta,

A house like that is not easy to find on the internet. Condos are usually in Kuah Town, not in more natural areas. Also the prices on the internet are quite high. What I can recommend is to look for a house when you come here. You may need to spend some time in a temporary place, but it's the best way to find something to your liking and prices will be cheaper. I can recommend a lovely cabin with very reasonable prices. Owner's name is Moni and her phone number is +60175568223. Her email is gbs002@ozemail.com.au